Creator NFT offers

Holder pick-up of NFT+ Merchandise

ORNG-exclusive redemption for public or private NFTs. Including NFT Digital twins or Digital counterpart physical merchandise.

From Audocs audi0 Agency, who mints NFTs and offers metaplex marketplace compliant curations or collections, with the original author consent. Once minted, offers may be public or private. If private, the offer will not appear for public sale unless shared by the brand or shareholder. If the private offer is ready for transfer (purchased), brands can transfer the Digital Twin NFT offer on their own or through Audocs W2W services. And buyers (shareholders) can redeem their merchandise at ORNG. With Audocs audi0 accounts, brand (artists, labels & publisher) features are on the horizon. 

ORNG supports Audocs audi0 approach to NFTs as a way for brands to transact, enable fan shareholding and albums authentication.

ORNG is not responsible for transfers, sales, or network movement (collection) of NFTs. ORNG provides tandem item collection or pick-up, address collection, shipping, and shipment tracking for items attached to the NFT.



Holders of a NFT (token) can redeem physical merchandise attached to any offer at ORNG. Simply navigate to the item in your wallet browser to authenticate.

No matter the collection, marketplace, or chain, ORNG accepts the redemption or pick-up of goods for the NFT. Some of the initial chains being Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Polygon (MATIC). And OpenSea, Coinbase, and SoundChain for Marketplaces.


Public NFT Marketplaces

Collecting tandem merchandise attached to the NFT offer is available at ORNG. We team with brands and creators to list and authenticate music-merch as NFT+.

ORNG is not in-control of NFT creator offers. We only fulfill the tandem merchandise offer as NFT+.

If buyers are missing an item advertised as available in the NFT+ offer don't hesitate to contact the creator and CC ORNG in the email. Please do not contact the creator until your invoice is emailed from ORNG. This insures the packing list of items are ready to ship.


NOTE: As an archival method, NFT help creators engage audiences with a deeper dive. ORNG backs the collection and is responsible for validating, authenticating, and fulfilling the tandem items.

Contact ORNG for NFT tandem merch fulfillment.!

ORNG - Authentic & Original

Updated: 10/12/2022