Getting Started

There are no registration fee's or application fees. In fact there is no application. Just sign-up, confirm your email and click the link in your inbox. If you don't see the conformation email after 3 hours, check your spam. After that, if nothing shows up just contact us and we will get you up and running.

Once in the dashboard, simply send us a request to become a vendor. In order to vend, you have to accept a membership tier. Its a straight-forward process, and self-explanatory. Most likely, we will accept your request, of course after careful review. ORNG does reserve the right to not work with any entity for any reason deemed appropriate. Your not joining, your engaging your market based on a substantial volume of clicks at DNLD for previous releases and up-coming titles. ORNG is simply here to support artists, and labels merch needs. We will make an exception for vendors that wish to sign-up first, then plan their promotional gratis offer at DNLD. Keep in mind, its ORNG policy to work merchandise in tandem with gratis (free) music giveaways at DNLD. We are in our lane, and we do our utmost to aid you in being successful.

What does it cost?

Use the 14 day trial offer to get started. If you need more jump right in to our top tier selling plans. Fees are low ($5 or $10 plans), because everything is in-house at ORNG and our AUX network distribution system. Once again, its simple straight forward and no need for scopes or hour long phone calls.

Extended units, warehouse fulfillment and domestic to international shipping charges, have extra costs. These upfront costs are the entities (artist or label) responsibility.

Launching your offers

Do Your Have Merch Already? If so, thats great. You can set your own prices, and shipping. All ORNG does is process orders and pay-out within 72 hours. ORNG can also partner with you for supplies of new product offers. Or get that crucial second run going. This process takes a bit more time, as ORNG staff needs to understand your needs. From the dashboard send us a private message giving us a heads up about your plans and what product you wish to sell. If you need volume let us know, but as said, we prefer POD. Print-On-Demand offers low overhead and no warehouse and huge shipping fee's. Volume CD's and DVD's are no problem. But when you start getting into volume vinyl, the cost shifts. Expect well over 1000 dollars for your first run. We don't want to discourage you from thinking big. And by all means if you have the budget and the fan-base and have performed well at the merch table in the past, do your thing. ORNG will support your efforts the best we can.

Selling merch at ORNG is easy, no pressure to sell or minimum requirements. ORNG works in tandem with DNLD to promote your singles and albums. ORNG discourages the doubling down of digital items in your store. Due to product gratis availability at DNLD. Thats the caveat offer, and market differential we offer.

How you get paid!

Our payment system is currently backed by PayPal systems. Including PayLater options for fans. Once a transaction clears, ORNG payout is in 72 hours. If complications arise, such as delayed shipments. ORNG will increase the payout time, post reception of product by the receiving party.