audi0. NFT offers

Collecting your audi0 NFT+ Merchandise

ORNG exclusively redeems audi0 Private or secret NFTs provided by The audi0 Agencies storage and marketing backbone. 
audi0 NFT Digital twins or Digital counterparts are physical product located at ORNG.

audi0 Agency mints NFT's and offers metaplex marketplace compliant curations or collections, with the original authors consent. Once minted, offers are private and will not appear for public sale unless shared by the brand or another entity. If the private offer is ready for transfer (purchased), brands can transfer the Digital Twin NFT offer on their own or thru audi0 W2W services. ORNG is not responable for transfers, sales or network movement (collection) of NFT's. ORNG provides tandem item collection or pick-up, address collection, shipping and shipment tracking for items attached to the NFT.


Holders of NFT (tokens) can redeem physical merchandise attached to any offer at ORNG. Simply navigate to the item and authenticate by pressing audi0 WalletConnect.


audi0 Public NFT offers

Collecting tandem merchandise attached to any audi0 offer is available at ORNG. Several if not all of audi0 public NFT offers are Digital twins or Digital counterparts to a physical product.

With audi0 private accounts, brands can set their own periods of redeem-ability, and what to offer. ORNG is not in-control of NFT creator offers, ORNG only fulfills the tandem merch offer. If you are missing an item advertised as available in the NFT+ offer, please contact the creator and cc ORNG in the email. Please do not contact the creator until your invoice is emailed from ORNG. This insures the packing list of items are ready to ship.

NOTE: audi0's apprach to NFT's are simply just another way to transact with your audience by making them shareholders. ORNG backs the collection and is responsible for validating and fulfilling the tandem items.

Feel free to contact ORNG with suggestions or if you are looking for a NFT tandem merch fulfillment partner.

Best of fortune collecting!