Catalog Administration for Artists & Labels

Catalog Administration for Artists & Labels

ORNG artist and label program

  • Gracenote: Content Registration
  • Nielson suite: BDS Encoding, Digital or Physical, incl. ISRC & UPC, Soundscan Title Registration, ISRC, UPC
  • Mediabase: Mediabase Encoding & Registration, Digital or Physical
  • Allmusic: Product Registration and submission
  • Mediabase: Spin Tracking & Reports
  • MB Ultimate Sales Uk Charts Reg
  • AudibleMagic (AM) Exclusive client recognition & protection
  • Musicbrainz prep and insertion

Other Services:

  • GRATIS DELIVERY: DNLD add-on or stand-alone. DNLD is a 'ROBUST' Merchandise and gratis delivery service. You Create, Sell & Receive Direct Payments the basics of using DNLD/ORNG delivery. Your schedule of getting started and earning is your property.
  • RADIO & BLOG PROMOTIONS: Digital Asset Delivery to over 3000 Radio Contacts (Radio & Blog)
  • Retail Content Delivery: Metadata and Content preparation for delivery only accounts


  • Manufacturing: thru FKACO
  • Spotify merch fulfillment
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