Audocs - Audio Documents Integrates Custom Crypto-Handles @audocs

Audocs - Audio Documents Integrates Custom Crypto-Handles @audocs

Audocs Users (artists, labels, publishers & fans) can secure custom @audocs crypto handles!

Artist_Based_Users@audocs to sign their NFTs

  • Multi-Chain
  • Info-Base Support for album tokens & NFT signatures
  • 99 initial signatures to start.
  • Ability for brands to register @audocs Crypto-Handles.
  • Send and receive secure in-house wallet-to-wallet supported crypto to other @audocs handles & more...
  • Future Roadmap for shareholding music @audocs
  • Brand onboarding at ORNG

California – Audocs announces the integration of the FIO Protocol in its flagship Audio Documents info-base.

The FIO Protocol is an open-source, decentralized usability solution that works across all blockchains, and uses short-and-simple handles (e.g. artist_name@audocs) to replace long complex, un-masked hashed wallet addresses.

Audocs wallet addresses include ease of sending and receiving digital currency. Artists, labels and publishers Audocs Crypto Wallet.

Integration is underway and planned for an early 2023 launch. Audocs steps into crypto in tandem with its emerging Audio Documents info-base. Bringing accessibility to users by accessing the AUX Digital Network streaming database. Providing touch-points of access to over 75,000 titles and over 20,000 artists. Bridging the gap from digital streaming to crypto payments and NFT web3 products. 

Audocs mission to empower brands includes interacting with Web3, and accessing album touch-points for albums. As an independent media aggregator and audio guide including AUdioDOCumentS (AUDOCS) info-base. Audocs front-end includes human curated content from artists, labels and publishers. Specializing in Music - Soundtracks, instrumentals, library music, rap, alternative hip-hop, jazz, world, sacred music & spoken word.

"Fans and users need more access to the music, their favorite artists are making, which includes more than just accessing albums. Audocs share-holding includes relationship with data and information searched from the info-base. Blockchains have exposed how people can access, trade, and share-hold content. We are at the beginning of a data-to-info transformation. Where digital music becomes personal property again, like cassettes, vinyl, and CD. Once regulated to SQL databases, now information (music and metadata) are stored in a secure self-sovereign way and cryptocurrencies enables fans and brands to bridge the gap.

As a flagship service provider Audio Documents (Audocs) enables users to interact in a centralized way. With customized handles, Audocs and the FIO protocol aims to connect users and push thru the 5th wall of Web3.”, said William Robinson, Managing Director of the organization.


Audocs on the FIO protocol gives immediate access to a blockchain that enables easier, safer, and inner-network crypto transactions.

Diverse tokens and NFT signatures were the key component for initializing the integration. Brands can now access several blockchain ecosystems, custom wallet names, and the ability for users to request crypto payments directly or wallet-to-wallet (W2W).

"We considered FIL, and even built the infrastructure, I just felt the status FIO could offer." Said, Robinson.

Why FIO?

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) is an industry guided non-profit entity whose mission is to facilitate improvement to and adoption of the FIO Protocol. Many of the industry’s leading wallets and exchanges have integrated the FIO protocol, thereby enabling access to its capabilities for their users which, combined, represent millions of people.

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