DNLD now integrated with ORNG

DNLD now integrated with ORNG

DNLD marketing, and gratis delivery by Audocs.

Initiated in 2011, it took 6 years to get DNLD off the ground. In January 2017 Audocs created their incentive marketing

 program. Launching its first entertainment and Indie label based solution, DNLD.US.

As a precursor to the ledger based approach at ORNG, DNLD is the cornerstone. From gating, downloads, social media connector and linking service.

Now DNLD concentrates on digital delivery, and segmented marketing for customers who want to purchase direct (mail-order). Including The Download newsletter going out every Wednesday for new drops, back catalog items and features.



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In 2017 DNLD.US offered custom Integration's for Indie artist and labels. Custom download pages for uploaded assets, iPDF’s (Interactive pdf’s, QR codes, RSS feeds and json scripts). In 2020, DNLD augmented gratis delivery for music merchandise as free downloads. These promotional offers where also backed by its own music merchandise marketplace at ORNG.store.

DNLD supported and operated as a sub-brand of Audocs, who originally fuel injecting and launched gratis deliveries for FKA Co’s Distribution supply chain, with added marketing and promotion services intended to deliver custom download codes for back catalog, current, and future FKA labels and products.

DNLD's robust QR code based hand-off, vinyl promotions, and marketing, increased sales and awareness for products. Physical hardcopy orders where augmented by custom QR codes courtesy of DNLD.US. From singles to EP’s, albums, and long plays. Vinyl, CD, and Cassette release with downloads.

Now ORNG provides immediate downloads with all music purchases.


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