Athar brings Music Licensing to ORNG

Athar brings Music Licensing to ORNG

Ghadaqan music is Athar's music licensing division. Including Urban Sufi Music (SESAC) and So Amusing (ASCAP).

Athar is bringing its music library to ORNG. Licensing tracks on the platform with ownership based purchasing options thru NFT. Basic terms are for an initial digital lifetime (5 years) thru ORNG's Ghadaqan collection.

PER Music library and the upcoming Practice series from Pleasure mind recordings are slated for an early 2023 launch.

About Ghadaqan

Ghadaqan music (and records) handles music administration for BMI/ASCAP & SESAC. As a BMI publisher Ghadaqan Music is in charge of song title registrations, copyright applications, the issuance of licenses for AUX Digital Network (ADN).

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