ATHAR presents ORNG audi0 by AUX Digital

ATHAR presents ORNG audi0 by AUX Digital

ORNG dot store currently handles front-facing traffic, including DNLD mail-order. While audi0 agency, a recent addition to AUX Digital network surprised many with the quick injection of a W2W (Wallet-To-Wallet) global application and solution.

Initiated and tested at ORNG, audi0 Wallet provides an alternative digital payment solution for purchasing digital and physical merchandise.

ORNG audi0 is a combination of ORNG marketplace and the audi0 Agency. ORNG is a front-facing marketplace, and audi0 Agency is a background administration and work-flow. Brought to the fore-front by William Robinson and Athar within his AUX Digital Network.

Robinson is maintaining a balance between development, proof-of-concept and real time platforms that work.

The immutable ledger mentality at ORNG presents audi0 Agency with a few milestones. Supplier onboarding, custom contracts and now token redemption. audi0 has begun working on the audi0 Coin and implementing it through-out the AUX Digital Network. While ORNG concentrates on custom collections from creators. Including checkout, cart system, rewards and memberships for customers. ORNG has inherited its manufacturing workflow from FKACO. Leaving crypto-currency transactions to the audi0 Agency. Who responded in mid-November 2022, with its audi0 Wallet (Sanbox Edition). From purchasing with moon-pay to passwordless login from magic link. The development of audi0 Wallet provides a bridge into NFTs and the crypto-world.



Authentication is the cornerstone for the combination of both departments. ORNG, as a ledger providing open info and data for verification to audi0’s development of its Audi0FILE API and SYNC storage system, currently in development.

Both departments are pulling from what has preceded them in the workflow. For ORNG, DNLD and FKACO provide mail-order and cargo-logistics for singular to multiple collections.

DNLD also turned a corner in 2022, by providing post-purchase direct delivery of digital goods to customers from its mail-order shop page. From product payment to promotions. DNLD’s simple stripe payment gateway, cart-system and payment portal provide customers with robust secure tools. Also, DNLD’s OK promotions is now pushing 200,000 engagements from global customers (see info-base).

FKACO was rebooted in 2022, with a emphasis on its Art-Form music brand, taking over for Formerly Known As (FKA). To cargo logistics for international shipping and packaging, since conception in 2012. With a new feature, real-time shipment packaging.

audi0 also greatly benefits from Audocs, Audi0 Documents marketing and info-base. While developing its ‘Hooked-On-Tech’ mentality. Working on Audi0FILE’s API and its SYNC Blockchain storage solution. To address future-proofing audi0 Wallet. Which now boasts a private and public offer for Wallet addresses (hash), private keys and 12 word phrase needed for exporting and importing into most-custodial wallets on the market.

audi0 looks to bolster its customer support prior to official app launch, for audi0 Wallet, iA. With real-time notifiactions, NFT signatures, custom NFT contract deployment, Minting and robust metadata support with streaming audio for NFTs.

Product listing, Orders and Delivery

ORNG is a marketplace, including DNLD mail-order. This includes, instant delivery of digital audio zip folders for both platforms, to merchandise manufacturing and delivery. Its NFT program took flight this year, providing an immutable ledger for brands and collections. The transparency and hybrid functions keep ORNG-DNLD-AUDOCS pumping out media with a concise workflow. Including open music streaming at AUX Digital.

audi0 is bolstering the API and storage of Audi0FILE to do some heavy lifting, once provided by FKACO logistics and fulfillment.

“The need for storage, API authentication and transparent footprint places a sense of urgency on audi0 Agency,” said William Robinson. Who plans to expound on licensing, art, publishing, creative workflow, distribution and audience funneling for 1-person to small and medium size businesses.

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