Veva Collect integration

Veva Collect integration

ORNG is integrating Veva Collect music credit contributor information into its manufacturing & distribution workflow.

Post-production compiling and metadata accuracy is optimum for efficient movement of information from your production house to the manufacturing facility. This integration is a simple hand shake or hand-off from the app to ORNG.

"ORNG maintains the use of tools and tool builders that create a fairer, simpler, and more efficient music industry. Ensuring our deliveries are accurate from post-production to distribution is the cornerstone. Not just turning in a link to the zip folder on a online storage system, Veva helps artists, labels and production houses streamline their deliveries to ORNG," said William Robinson. "I personaly always look for the best solutions to help maximize the quality of our organization, top to bottom this flattens and advances how vendors meet their goals," he added.

ORNG maintains their commitment to music creators, started in 2012 by FKACO. Including cross device support to enter information into one platform, click a button, and deliver credits and files to ORNG.

Whether working with ORNG or not, there are too many benefits to list. Head over to Veva and start your free account.

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