Autolect - Every Mans Universe

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Re-issue from the self-professed “Native Tongue Baby” is a rare artist who produces and writes his own material. Autolect maintains the conscious line of hip-hop, with a more lyrically “heady” touch. “Every Mans Universe” is Autolect’s official debut. With 12 tracks and 3 skits, “Every Mans Universe” has thoughtful lyrics and a Down tempo Nu-Jazz/Broken Beat combination.

“Every Mans Universe” searches for the “LOVECHILD” in everyone. That mature, fine music collector, whether online or buried in a book. That deep-rooted mentality, educated, enlightened, inspired, eclectic and forward thinking. Songs like, “Gravity,” and “Levitate,” will be right up the alleys of those that like “underground hip-hop. (us – 2005) As “usephasan” from 1995-2003, Autolect worked with producers Dj Shadow, Ralph M, Fanatik, Amani K. Smith and Pomo of Blend Crafters.

Producer - Bil Basmala

Formats: 1 Digital Album

Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

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