ORNG for Artists

Your inventory integration with ORNG store is simple. If you need assistance with getting merch in your store, don't hesitate to contact us. With our POD (Print-On-Demand) program, there is no reason for any item to ever be out of stock. This is what free's up your time and maximizes profitability. No need for over analyzing which products are either out of stock or showing as limited availability. Please include all women sizes and colors separate, along with kids sizes if you have them.

Shipping & Fulfilment

We are experience international shippers with over 25 years experience globally. ORNG offers the exclusive Audocs 'Right-On-Time' system. Shipping directly from the manufacturer or warehouse. This process took several years to form and we are proud to offer it to our vendors. No need for time-lines and over-analysis, thats all taken care off once the order processes.

Benefits for artists & labels. 

ORNG, backed by the Audocs System including global fulfillment of physical goods. Audio Documents manufactures, and ships 1-3500 units per month. No order is too small or too large. Audocs 'Go to market' strategy empowers independent artists & labels through ORNG. Securing for vendors asset control and ownership across the fulfillment process. Enabling deeper footprints and lasting pathways to market. Through the ORNG, Audio Document connection.
The Audocs workflow insures the greatest output and market value per asset. Enabled under The AudioDocument Streaming platform & database. Providing over 75% of open streams for our fulfillment partners. Including back-end processing at AUX Network Group and ORNG. Opposing semantics and competition engage the market with conflict and escalation of chaos. Audio Documents, Audocs workflow secures client assets, opens markets that engage fans. Including catalog administration and public access thru open-streaming.
Production masters are the property of the client or user. All metadata, split sheets, masters or other information provided remain the owners property.

Welcome to ORNG, Audocs at Work!

Note: The quickest way to a ORNG shop is DNLD. Fans can get your digital albums free. Or sign-up here and request to become a vendor, including launching a Gratis Releases campaign via DNLD.

If you need extra-help getting started, visit our Knowledge Base