ORNG is a POD (Print-On-Demand) merchandiser where artists & labels can sell physical and digital products.  ORNG is a tandem service for top performing promotional downloads at DNLD. Whether you sell your own products, or partnered with another merchandiser. ORNG provides artist & label storefronts for merchandise linked to your promotional QR Freepacks and releases at DNLD. 

If you are an artist that doesn’t have merchandise but would like to? ORNG provides proven global manufacturing for one-off solutions to 1000's. ORNG is backed by over 25 years of music merchandising know-how. Using the same POD system offered by several online merchandisers. Our sister company Audocs, has been providing POD solutions since 2015 and helps artists, labels and managers create innovative on-time fulfillment. Apart of the AUX Network, ORNG now supports artists, and labels in a front-facing frontline way. Bringing the time proven fulfillment of Audocs to the public.  Providing POD, warehousing and on-time shipment of merchandise to your fans.

ORNG partners offer official, authentic merchandise from their own original catalogs. ORNG direct partnerships with artists labels, and/or artists’ representation creates a win/win scenario. We value our relationships with our vendors, and offer a mail-order merchandising service for true fans of your work.


ORNG began as the merchandising arm of Formerly Known As Company (FKACO). Run by William Robinson from 2012-2016. In 2015, as the directer of merchant distributor FKACO, Robinson quickly injected his workflow into the company releasing over 35 physical albums in under 2 years by supplying International Indie and American based "Big Box' retail through WalMart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, Sears, Barnes & Nobles, HMV, Buy CD Now (Can), Juno Records (Uk), WOW, Redeye (Au), Arukereso (Budapest), Mondadori (Italy), iMusic & JPC (Germany) and more.

After extensive travels, in 2021 Robinson revamped FKACO as a creative agency under the AUX Network Group. Bringing ORNG to its original fruition.